Shashwat Narhatiyar

Shashwat Narhatiyar


Mumbai, India

Edelweiss Financial Services   Edelweiss Financial Services

IITK   Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur


Shashwat graduated in 2019. He moved to Mumbai and has found it super weird to adjust to adult life after that. Initially he felt like he was scammed into his job profile, still has that feeling sometimes. He always wanted to try stand up comedy but realised it's a strong network based thing, so he tried his hand at Improv comedy, did a gig at The Habitat and is now part of an improv group. He plans to start his own something soon but is still trying to figure out what that something is.



"Thank you for applying but..."

ITC • HUL • Credit Suisse • Dr. Reddy's


Clubs That "weren't a good fit"

Music Club


Things I Swore I'd Finish But Never Did

Direct a short film in college


Everyday Lessons of Life

It's more like a dance, not a journey. There is no point of an end goal. Try living in the moment.

On the Bright Side


Leaps of Faith

Planning one, let's see what happens.


Memories I made while I wasn’t studying/working

Brainstorming sessions with so many people on campus • Performing on stage • writing jokes/making characters with my club folks


Things I'm Proud of That You Won't See on a Resume

Can come up with a random character in flat 30 seconds and act it out


Unconventional Skills

Coming up with ideas • cooking (beginner level)


Books I've Read For Fun

Catcher in the rye


Things I've Learned That Will Still Matter in 10 Years

People are important, it takes courage to get above yourself and simply cherish them


Failures That Seemed Like the End of the World Back Then But Don't Matter in Hindsight

Forgetting a dialogue in my fourth year