Shivam Kumar Shukla

Shivam Kumar Shukla


Kanpur, India

IITK   Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur


Shivam studies Material Sciences and Engineering but he aspires to work in Management and Finance sector and being a big Investor. (His ideal is The Great Warren Buffett)



"Thank you for applying but..."

Newzera • Siemens • Microsoft


Clubs That "weren't a good fit"

The Counselling service core team • E-Cell • Vox-Populi


Things I Swore I'd Finish But Never Did

Geeks fo Geeks Algorithms • Competitive Coding


Everyday Lessons of Life

Knowledge and failure is the best experience • Do what you love than what you see • love the people who stood with you in dark

On the Bright Side


Leaps of Faith

Ditched IISc for IITK • A bus journey • The third semester of college • Poetry • Story Writing(I am writing my novel)


Memories I made while I wasn’t studying/working

Late night walk with my roommate(He is still my roommate and is a brother now) • Sneaking out of the classrooms to the movie theatres with him


Things I've Done That Pushed Me Out of My Comfort Zone

I ran 5km everyday and practiced the tae-kwondo session of 2hrs throughout the second semester.


Things I'm Proud of That You Won't See on a Resume

I fell from bike a day before my JEE Advanced examination • still I sat for it and passed with the skin on my left palm peeled off and a bandage over it.


Quirks That Make Me Who I Am

Strongly Emotional yet Self sufficient • Helpful • Cheerful


Books I've Read For Fun

The stranger Triology, Half Torn Hearts by Navoneel Chakraborty


Things I've Learned That Will Still Matter in 10 Years

Do what you have in your mind right away • Don't drop it because of fear of it. (If you leave it you will loose yourself and regret your whole life. Just grab all your guts and do it.)